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Pensacola Wedding Photography, wedding at Seville downtown pensacola photography March 11, 2009


It feels SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDDDDD to have my computer somewhat fixed:)

For those of you that I have not complained to yet…lol I think my video card somehow got “Zapped” ! I have been seeing some really strange colors on my monitor…lol Anyhoo…. We found an old video card laying around that will get me by until my new pc is built THANK GOODNESS… I have a ton of work to get caught up on… but I will get it done.

Another goody coming soon… Talesha + Chris Wedding at Seville Quarter

Jen –



weddings: Stephen + Marjorie… Big Lagoon State Park December 30, 2008


I love intimate weddings… and this one fits the bill !! Early in the morning… super close family and friends… a couple so in love…. great friends and family….. fresh air…. boardwalks….. wonderful food…. ahhhhhh : )

Marjorie wed at the Big Lagoon State Park… and it could not have been any nicer ! These two are just perfect for each other… I overheard someone teasing Marjorie that Stephen was going to smoosh cake into her face and she simply said” No, he’s not like that” and she was right – a complete gentleman that loves Marjorie SOOOO MUCH ! Lucky Gal :-)

ooh well… enough jibber jabber…

CLICK HERE to see MORE PICTURES from their wedding day :)

Image Gallery Password – The Bride and Grooms last name… all lower case



John+Tiffany… NAS Pensacola, Naval Aviation Memorial Chapel December 17, 2008

WOW… what a fun filled jam packed day :) Tiffany and John are the best… my sister introduced me to them months ago, I knew we would hit it off ooh so well when John ordered a Carmel Macchiato at Starbucks…. MY FAVORITE !!!

These two are just about the best people you will ever get to meet… when the bridal party consists of more people than you can count on your fingers and toes…then you know that the B+G are really special and have a ton of people that care about them :)



Love you guys… Jen + Tom

Well… on to the entire post with a ton of pictures…


password for your image gallery: tiffany’s maiden name – all lower case

PS PS PS PS – For anyone that knows the password I have something really special for you – you guys were the best… especially the bridal party – it was huge but everyone was very attentive to what I needed – thanks again !! Anyhoo, I would love to offer anyone that attended Tiff and John’s wedding a hugely discounted portrait session ! email me for details :)


Family: Scott and Sawyer :) July 9, 2008

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It is not often that I get to photograph father and son… Hanging out with these 2 guys remind me of my 2 special guys at home :) Scott’s love for Sawyer is out of this world, and Sawyer knows it ! This is going to be a 2 part post… we shot at two locations: the railroad tracks (Part 1) and the Beach (Part 2) – so there will be more to come of Scott and Sawyer :) Enjoy… Jen


Kids… Sassy Amber :) April 20, 2008

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I met my friend Amber at Perdido Kids Park this afternoon for some playground fun:) This lil girl KNOWS what a camera is, and knows how to smile ;) She is super sweet and totally SASSY !! I had a blast hanging out with you, and your mom and dad Amber, can’t wait to see you again ;0 Enjoy… Jen

AND NOW… my FAVORITE of the day :)

I have a series of family shots I will try to get up within the next couple of days… It’s late (11:30) and I am SLEEPY:) Jen