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Pensacola Wedding Photography, wedding at Seville downtown pensacola photography March 11, 2009


It feels SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDDDDD to have my computer somewhat fixed:)

For those of you that I have not complained to yet…lol I think my video card somehow got “Zapped” ! I have been seeing some really strange colors on my monitor…lol Anyhoo…. We found an old video card laying around that will get me by until my new pc is built THANK GOODNESS… I have a ton of work to get caught up on… but I will get it done.

Another goody coming soon… Talesha + Chris Wedding at Seville Quarter

Jen –



Pensacola Newborn Photographer “Karys” 2 weeks old

This lil gal is just a doll, even though sleeping was a NO NO when I was there :)

She REFUSED to sleep, she was just too curious about everything going on around her …

Take a close look… most of her portraits she has her eyes BARELY SLIT open… keeping tabs on me …lol






Big sister Reagan is THE BEST :) The best big sister in the whole world !!!







Mom sews… and when I say Sew I mean REALLY SEW :) She makes the most beautiful girly outfits.

The one Raegan is wearing on the swing was made by mom… see what I mean… she can SEW !!!!!!!

And look at mom – WOW… looking good for only 2 weeks after delivery :)

Cassi… just a quick link for you to take a look at…

Jamie Rae Hats

I wanted to post it on my blog so others can see the hats too… Cassi is really into hair pieces for the girls and

as soon as I saw these I thought of her. Can’t wait to see you all again in a couple of months…

Kisses to the girls from me… Jen

Image gallery password: Cassi’s last name, all lower case


weddings: Stephen + Marjorie… Big Lagoon State Park December 30, 2008


I love intimate weddings… and this one fits the bill !! Early in the morning… super close family and friends… a couple so in love…. great friends and family….. fresh air…. boardwalks….. wonderful food…. ahhhhhh : )

Marjorie wed at the Big Lagoon State Park… and it could not have been any nicer ! These two are just perfect for each other… I overheard someone teasing Marjorie that Stephen was going to smoosh cake into her face and she simply said” No, he’s not like that” and she was right – a complete gentleman that loves Marjorie SOOOO MUCH ! Lucky Gal :-)

ooh well… enough jibber jabber…

CLICK HERE to see MORE PICTURES from their wedding day :)

Image Gallery Password – The Bride and Grooms last name… all lower case



Family: Beach Christmas portraits in Perdido December 10, 2008

These girls are so sweet… Emily and Leigh Ann :) Emily is one of my recently hitched brides… her hubby is Bryan. AND Leigh Ann is hopefully a soon-to-be hitched bride… if all goes as planned :) Ya see… at Emily and Bryan’s wedding Leigh Ann caught the bouquet… and Justin.. well he sorta caught the garter …lol

Anyhoo… here they are with their boys… aren’t they just dolls… the little boys that is :-) lol



uuuhhhh… can ya tell….. they are BAMA fans :) Both Leigh Ann and Emily are myspace buddies of mine… and their pages are ALWAYS decked out with bama stuff….lol If I were a Bama fan this one would for sure be printed GINORMOUS and hung above above my TV :)








I had fun you guys… give the little ones a big kiss from me :) Merry Christmas … Jen

PS… password for your image gallery is your moms first name… all lower case


Family – Navarre Florida – Little Lane at the Beach ;-) September 25, 2008

Met up with Lane and his mom and dad for some beach portraits the other day… Monica’s dad owns a condo on Navarre Beach at The Pearl, so they were here for some R&R. I am not quite sure that they were able to rest much though.. Little Lane keeps them on their toes with all that running and racing he likes to do…lol Lane is a doll, give him a couple more years and he will be working it in front of the camera. I hope to see you guys next year !! Enjoy… Jen


Family: Early morning on Pensacola Beach September 13, 2008

So… enough with the teasers for Kristi :) I promise !!!!! Kristi and her family are just beautiful ! The dresses you see the lil cutie wearing and extra special hand-me-downs – that are pretty old ! How cool are they… and they are in MINT condition:) They were once worn by Kristi’s nieces when they were little, I wont say how old her nieces are…lol but they are GROWN…lol

Anyhoo… on to the pics :)

Look at that sky - just beautiful! It was a super bright morning, but that goodness for some cloud coverage to block the sun for a few minutes !

He is SO GOOD and really gentle with her! She is definitely everyone's lil princess ;-)

Pirates Gold ! Right behind their hotel... HOW COOL !!!!

This one is one of my faves of the day - LOVE IT ! and I love how brother is in the background ;-)

Can't forget Mom and Dad... Isn't mom just GLOWING ?? The pic on the left, another of my faves from the day !

Kristi – I had a great time hanging out with you guys :) The kids are dolls – and SO SWEET ! Jen


Family: Can’t decide which I like better :) SO… April 24, 2008

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I just picked them ALL as my favorites… I get to do that since I am the photographer :)

So, here are the family portraIts I promised…….. Enjoy ;) Jen