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Seniors – Escambia High School – “Go Gators” ;-) October 15, 2008

Ellie’s mom contacted me a few weeks ago to have her daughter Ellie’s senior portraits done… Ellie is such a sweetheart… pretty, smart (college / premed next year), and super fun :) She has so many passions (she reminds me a little of myself) : cameras… Mustangs….umbrellas(lol)….. swings…..The Escambia High School Band….. guitars…. barefeet….bracelets… and most importantly : HER MOM :) Ellie and her mom are so close, like girlfriends :)

OOH Yeah… forgot to mention … EHS Percussion ROCKS ;-)

Anyhoo… on to the pics :)

Guess what… I think I like the “misplaced” flower Ellie… what do you think?…lol

These pics so remind me of how fun Ellie is :) Too Cute !!!!

Love this one – Kinda FuNKy :-0

You just knew I would go to the SSSS…. “Super Secret Senior Spot” MaRGaRitaViLle :) One of my alltime favorite spots to shoot !!!!!

Back to the text messages… you all know how I am about them…lol

Right Pic: My favorite from the day :) How adorable is Ellie?????

Love these too… check out her license plate :) Jen is a wiz at PHOTO MANIPULATION :) …lol

Miss Ellie – I had a blast :) Be sure to keep in touch and let me know how much fun college pans out to be :) AND… Happy Belated Birthday – the big EIGHTEEN !!! Wish I could go back to 18 once again… I am way past that now. I have been 29 for about 5 years or so now:) so 29 is still young… right? According to your mom when you get to 30 (or 40…lol) you stop and count backwards… so what am I about 25 now? That is better than the way I was doing it !!! Jen


Conrgats c/o 2008 Pensacola Seniors :) May 28, 2008

Check this gal out – she’s cute AND SMART !!! Graduating from West Florida High top 20 of her class ! Great Job Whitney :) I did Whitney’s seniors portraits some time ago – you can see them by clicking here , but now that she has her cap and gown she wanted some pics with her family :)

Pensacola Senior

Pensacola Senior Portraits

Pensacola 2008 senior

pensacola teen photography

Pensacola Fl Senior portrait


Teenagers :) so happy.. so giddy… good times :) April 3, 2008

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I wish I was still a teenager… with the open world before me… no worries, no cares, boyfriends, talking on the phone late at night…  ooh well, I can still dream and live in her shadow for a day:)  Here is Cassie, a fresh new teenager ready to conquer the world.  At our photo session she told me she wanted to be a photographer when she grew up… now that gives me something to smile about:)0 Maybe you guys will see her “assisting” me at a shoot !  Enjoy… Jen





Seniors:) OK… here is what I have been working on :)

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Here you go Ms. Chelsea : ) Is that a cool senior picture or what : ) talk to you soon… Enjoy ;) Jen



Seniors:) Spring break in Pensacola on the Beach : ) March 21, 2008

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I met up with the cutest gal this morning.  She was vacationing here in Pensacola on the beach for Spring Break. It was super brrrrr cold … according to her it was warm considering where she is from : )  We got some amazing shots on the beach, then to my secret hiding place… “margaritaville” …lol   Enjoy… ;) Jen








High School… Hottie Drummer !! ;) December 10, 2007

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Cody is a drummer at Escambia High School, I took some SUPER FLY pics of him this weekend !

I wish you guys could hear Cody play… he is AWESOME !

Enjoy =) Jen

PS… and yes Ladies , he is AVAILABLE : ) lol






Pre Teen Shoot – Just a little smile please : ) November 27, 2007

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For someone that hates to smile for the camera these pics of Cassie turned out GREAT !  Enjoy… Jen : )