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“I Love You” session – Downtown Pensacola – Annie and Aaron :) October 17, 2008

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These two just make me want to SMILE :)

Isn’t Annie just gorgeous? Her skirt and blouse are SO PRETTY !!!!! These two are the best… super cute and fun couple !  They are so like me – changng outfits in the backseat of the car… I do it too… ALL THE TIME :)

Aaron is a big photography nerd like me… so he had a ton of ideas (which makes my job SUPER EASY). They scoped out downtown Pensacola a few weeks back (they are from Mary Ester) and came up with this super cool location for their “I love you” session…  They also brought along their little feathery baby… you will meet him in a bit :)  Doesn’t Aaron look SUPER HOT in this pic?  WOW :-)

I love my ring shots :)

My FAVE from the day :)

Told you I would show ya their beautiful feathered baby :)  Cute huh?

There I go with those rings shots again :)

These 2 are so in tune with eath other… I will be shooting their wedding in a couple of weeks – Can’t wait!  I love my brides (and bride-to-be’s) !!!

I LOVE this one !   This is REALLY how these 2 are with each other… pure and simple LOVE !!

Another favorite!  Annie and Aaron had one request – SUNSET pics :)  Well I think this pic definately shows a gorgeous Pensacola Sunset :)

Aaron caught this shot :)  We had his sunglasses sitting on the cage across from us while we were working on the sunset picture – when he went to pick up his glasses he saw it – and I am GLAD he did !  Great eye Aaron !  I think I found another assistant…lol

You guys are the best ! I cannot wait to meet your families in a couple of weeks !  All my blog readers should stay tuned,  Annie has a super exciting wedding planned, she is going to mesh many traditions together all in ONE NIGHT…. should be fun and interesting ;-)

Your gallery passord is Annie’s last name (all lowercase)

On another note… When I sit down to edit my sessions  my sons picture always seems to be either at the beginning or the end of my memory card… I am always grabbing my camera to get a snap or two of him. I have been so busy lately that his pictures are REALLY being neglected :) I do take them quite often, but always put them on the backburner for editing and posting! SO… since I am already blogging I am sure my family (and friends) would love to see new pics of him too… so here is the pic that was on Annie and Aaron’s memory card – here he is … Blade :) I am not sure what he is doing, It looks like he was eating cheetos… lol !!!

And one last thing – Remember back on Kim and Tom’s weddng post I said I was going to start giving everyone some dorky tidbits about me?  I know SO MUCH about all my brides… and they really don’t know much about me. My first dorky piece of Jen was that I edit all my images in my PJ’s. So for all of you that call and I tell you that I am editing images… guess what?  I am in my PJ’s ! I don’t care what time of day it is – if I am editing I am COMFY :)

SO… here is the next one

Jen’s Dorky fact #2: I LOVE COFFEE :) Any kind of coffee… but it has to have way too much flavored creamer and way too much sugar :)0 I put so much junk in my coffee it is embarassing to even do it in public:)  I feel like someone might ask me “Would you like some coffee to go with that coffee and creamer?”…lol  My favorite creamer….. anything with CHOCOLATE in it :)

Love you all… Jen


Weddings: Drew and Tina – part 2 July 21, 2008

So… I am finally getting caught up on my blogging… I think :) Here is Drew and Tina again, they were married in Freeport Florida and had a beautiful wedding…. Tina is an interiior designer, so of course everything she came up with ROCKED :) Good Luck you guys ! Enjoy… Jen

I LOVE taking pictures of people taking pictures of me – or at least pretending to take pictures of me :) At least I HOPE they did not take a picture of me – I don’t belong on that side of the camera…lol

Details are VERY important to me when I am shooting a wedding – I want my brides to get to see everything they put their hearts into for so long !

Father Daughter dances – I LOVE THESE :) I love how Tina’s dad is looking at her – I can only imagine how proud he was :)

The 1st dance – Tina and Drew seem to FIT together perfectly… you hardly even hear them exchange any words… they just know what each other wants … Congrats again you guys !

Well… as you can tell the picture frame was a hit at the wedding – the grooms family was a blast – as you can tell ! SO… I guess the picture frame is a new favorite for weddings ;)


Weddings ~ Freeport Florida ~ Drew & Tina July 1, 2008

I had a wonderful time with these two this past weekend :) More info and pics to blog later… I am super swamped but wanted to give the newlyweds a little treat :) enjoy… Jen


Engagement… Tiffany and Bradley :) May 13, 2008

Met up with Tiffany and Bradley for a super cute engagement session – we started out on Johnsons Beach (stay tuned… those pics are coming a little later) and then went to the railroad tracks in Pensacola ! These two have been best friends FOREVER and you can tell that they are truly made for each other ! Can’t wait until your wedding day Tiffany, and I am sure any flower color choice you choose will look fabulous on the beach :) Enjoy ;) Jen

Bradley has a super COOL tattoo on his arm with Tiffany’s name on it… Not sure which picture I like the best so I am going to just post them both :)


Weddings :) Edie and Jason … May 12, 2008

I have so many images to blog from this wedding ! When I say these guys know how to throw a wedding, I mean All the way down to booking the O SO SEXY Chippendales (I will post more later on this – stay tuned you DONT want to miss it …lol) I have so many great images that I dont even know where to begin…

Edie and Jason got married at the Grand Lagoon Yacht Club in Pensacola… right out back on the deck overlooking the water – just beautiful !

Here are some images of the bride getting ready and the ceremony… As promised I will post more on the reception later… It deserves a post of it’s own…lol

Enjoy… Jen :)

PS… you guys have fun on your honeymoon :) Take a BUNCH of pictures !!!!!

Edie was the most stunning Bride ever :)

Edie and Jason’s daughter is a beauty !

The cake Edie’s Aunt made was BEAUTIFUL!

Below is one of my favorites from the day !!!!!


Penscola Wedding: Edie and Jason :) CONGRATS !!!!!! May 4, 2008

OOOHHHH I has SUCH A GOOD TIME yesterday with Edie, Jason and their family ! They were so much fun to hang out with… I am still editing images and am just too tired to keep going tonight, but I HAD to post a couple shots for Edie and Jason before going to bed :) I will post more and give you the details of their day in the next few days….. AND I had so much fun with this group that I wanted to extend a special on a portrait sitting to ANYONE that attended the wedding, either as a part of the bridal party or a guest! Email me for details !!!

Enjoy ;) Jen


In Love: Kris and Meggan :) April 27, 2008

I had a blast yesterday with Kris and Meggan at the BEACH for their engagement shoot :) Meggan is super sweet and always wears a smile… maybe it is because she is so crazy for Kris ! These 2 make a wonderful pair, and they were totally made for each other ! Kris is so charming… in his own special way :)

I wish you both the best of luck in your life together, but I am sure you won’t need LUCK to guide you ! Have fun on your “exotic” wedding ! Just because you are moving away from Pensacola does not mean you can’t Keep In Touch !!!!! Talk to you soon !!! Enjoy ;) Jen

My favorites from the day….. I just love Meggan against the red !