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Family: Beach Christmas portraits in Perdido December 10, 2008

These girls are so sweet… Emily and Leigh Ann :) Emily is one of my recently hitched brides… her hubby is Bryan. AND Leigh Ann is hopefully a soon-to-be hitched bride… if all goes as planned :) Ya see… at Emily and Bryan’s wedding Leigh Ann caught the bouquet… and Justin.. well he sorta caught the garter …lol

Anyhoo… here they are with their boys… aren’t they just dolls… the little boys that is :-) lol



uuuhhhh… can ya tell….. they are BAMA fans :) Both Leigh Ann and Emily are myspace buddies of mine… and their pages are ALWAYS decked out with bama stuff….lol If I were a Bama fan this one would for sure be printed GINORMOUS and hung above above my TV :)








I had fun you guys… give the little ones a big kiss from me :) Merry Christmas … Jen

PS… password for your image gallery is your moms first name… all lower case


Family Portraits: Perdido Key Florida November 6, 2008

When Dieu contacted me she knew exactly what she was after:) Which is a GOOD THING ! She and her family were arrangnig a flight to Florida specifically to take beach family portraits. She knew exactly what she wanted and found it with me :) and BOY am I glad :) Her family is just gorgeous ! So here is the gang… Dieu, Michael, Michael, Michelle, and Madeline. I hear Madeline is having a birthday soon – So let me be the first to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY :)

Our session was a really early one – 7am – and the fog was HORRIFIC that day – which is why the blue skies in the pics are all over the place…lol It was SUPER cold too… I always feel guilty when I get to waer a nice snuggly jacket and my clients have on THIN dresses…lol I hope you guys enjoyed the day in Pensacola/Orange Bach Alabama… Can’t wait to see you again !!!! I know you guys are using these for your x-mas cards this year – and I have one rule for that – YOU MUST SEND ME ONE !!!!!!! I love x-mas cards :)

One other thing before I start posing the pics… tom bought a new toy right before this session (which is good for Dieu and family….lol) He bought a fisheye lens – I know that might mean anything to you all…. but wait till you see the SUPER COOL pics :)

Here we go………………

I think this is my all time favorite using “the frame”… tom’s brilliant idea turned out SUPER NICE :) :) :)





OK… here is one with the fisheye lens – super cool huh? It reminds me of how small we really are in this big huge world :)









I LOVE THIS PIC – My fave from the day :) Taken by tom and “tweaked” by me :)


Dieu: We had a great time with you guys – hug the kids from me… Love you guys ! Jen+tom

PS… gallery password is your last name – all lowercase !


Family – Navarre Florida – Little Lane at the Beach ;-) September 25, 2008

Met up with Lane and his mom and dad for some beach portraits the other day… Monica’s dad owns a condo on Navarre Beach at The Pearl, so they were here for some R&R. I am not quite sure that they were able to rest much though.. Little Lane keeps them on their toes with all that running and racing he likes to do…lol Lane is a doll, give him a couple more years and he will be working it in front of the camera. I hope to see you guys next year !! Enjoy… Jen


Family: Early morning on Pensacola Beach September 13, 2008

So… enough with the teasers for Kristi :) I promise !!!!! Kristi and her family are just beautiful ! The dresses you see the lil cutie wearing and extra special hand-me-downs – that are pretty old ! How cool are they… and they are in MINT condition:) They were once worn by Kristi’s nieces when they were little, I wont say how old her nieces are…lol but they are GROWN…lol

Anyhoo… on to the pics :)

Look at that sky - just beautiful! It was a super bright morning, but that goodness for some cloud coverage to block the sun for a few minutes !

He is SO GOOD and really gentle with her! She is definitely everyone's lil princess ;-)

Pirates Gold ! Right behind their hotel... HOW COOL !!!!

This one is one of my faves of the day - LOVE IT ! and I love how brother is in the background ;-)

Can't forget Mom and Dad... Isn't mom just GLOWING ?? The pic on the left, another of my faves from the day !

Kristi – I had a great time hanging out with you guys :) The kids are dolls – and SO SWEET ! Jen


family…pensacola beach…. fun…. August 18, 2008

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As promised here are the rest of my favorites from this sitting :) These kiddos are super sweet…

Mary Beth is a High School Musical fan – and I mean BIG FAN ! She is super at ease in front of the camera – and her poses are so cute :) Matthew is a little backwards… he is such a doll !!! If you want him to look at you you have to tell him “Don’t look at her”…lol I was so confused but mom and dad have it down to an exact science :) He is a total boy ! These guys dressed so nice – check out both of the guys… same old navy shorts :) and mom and daughter are wearing super cute summer beach dresses:) I hope you guys enjoy your portraits – I had a fun time hanging out with you … see you next year :) Jen

Enough of those portraits… now it is time for some FUN :)


Family: The Rebers August 2, 2008

Time for the Reber’s family portraits… I shot their beautiful wedding a while back… super fun couple and CRAZY family….lol  As you can see – their baby girl Emberly is getting BIG :)

So… Uncle Matt came along to get some pics with Miss Emberly !  He is going to make a great dad someday… just like his brother Jason is with Emberly.

Miss Emberly… you are so adored by your mom, your dad, and your Uncle.  Funny thing is … I think you already know it :)  See you on your next big picture day :)  Enjoy… Jen


Family: Scott and Sawyer :) July 9, 2008

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It is not often that I get to photograph father and son… Hanging out with these 2 guys remind me of my 2 special guys at home :) Scott’s love for Sawyer is out of this world, and Sawyer knows it ! This is going to be a 2 part post… we shot at two locations: the railroad tracks (Part 1) and the Beach (Part 2) – so there will be more to come of Scott and Sawyer :) Enjoy… Jen