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Pensacola Newborn Photographer “Karys” 2 weeks old March 11, 2009

This lil gal is just a doll, even though sleeping was a NO NO when I was there :)

She REFUSED to sleep, she was just too curious about everything going on around her …

Take a close look… most of her portraits she has her eyes BARELY SLIT open… keeping tabs on me …lol






Big sister Reagan is THE BEST :) The best big sister in the whole world !!!







Mom sews… and when I say Sew I mean REALLY SEW :) She makes the most beautiful girly outfits.

The one Raegan is wearing on the swing was made by mom… see what I mean… she can SEW !!!!!!!

And look at mom – WOW… looking good for only 2 weeks after delivery :)

Cassi… just a quick link for you to take a look at…

Jamie Rae Hats

I wanted to post it on my blog so others can see the hats too… Cassi is really into hair pieces for the girls and

as soon as I saw these I thought of her. Can’t wait to see you all again in a couple of months…

Kisses to the girls from me… Jen

Image gallery password: Cassi’s last name, all lower case


Maternity:) Meet Grayson and his mommy Libby :) May 12, 2008

This has got to be the prettiest prego belly I have ever seen… it is just perfect !  Grayson gave us a fit working with his name blocks … he kept kicking them off :)  What a lil stinker he is going to be !  Cant wait to meet you in person Grayson… Enjoy ;) Jen

Below is my FAVORITE from the day …..


little ones: Beautiful Kaitlyn February 23, 2008

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Look at this ‘lil angel… she is just the cutest ! She was on her best behavior for her photo shoot this morning, despite keeping mom and dad up ALL NIGHT ! Hope you guys had a LOOOONNNNGGGG nap today : ) I can’t wait for her next photo shoot… I really enjoyed it !

Enjoy ;)… Jen














Little Ones: Elsa and Jax January 20, 2008

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I just love baby sessions, and I adore toddler sessions… I was super lucky getting to both at one sitting : ) These 2 are precious and are so lucky to have such cool parents letting them play on top of the kitchen table, and jump on their bed : ) I really enjoyed our session, I can’t wait until April to get your family BEACH PORTRAITS done ! Enjoy… Jen : )

PS… you can click on each image to see a bigger and clearer picture !










from Jen – my ‘lil guy : ) December 13, 2007

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Well, it looks like x-mas portraits might not happen this year… my lil guy is on the move with better things to do !  He refuses to sit still for any amount of time.  Luckily I got his attention for a few seconds this morning playing in his room and by the tree : )  Enjoy =) Jen




Family Portraits – Keith, Magen, and Little Luke December 1, 2007

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I had a great time hanging out with the a super sweet family from Texas this afternoon… : ) And look at Little Luke, he sure is a handsome little guy ! You guys have a safe trip home and keep in touch… I can’t wait to see how your Christmas cards turn out ! Enjoy =) Jen











Vacation time : ) September 9, 2007

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I had the pleasure photographing one of the nicest families today vacationing here in Florida on the beach. Here are a few shots from our afternoon… and look at their daughter, isn’t she the cutest : ) I had a great time chatting with you guys and I hope you have a super safe trip back home!

Enjoy : ) Jen