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Pensacola Wedding Photographer: Talesha + Chris… Seville Quarter March 23, 2009

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Well… here are 2 more from Talesha + Chris’s wedding… they have been SO SO SO SO patient with me:) But she has to be…
she is my “sissin” (ya know…. sister + cousin = Sissin)…. Which really just means we are as close as sisters …lol

Anyhoo… I am off to get ready for a wedding tonight in downtown Pensacola and wanted to get a couple of pictures up for Talesha and Chris, she has been so patient waiting on me that I am feeling a weeee bit guilty :) So, I am posting a couple of pics so I can get back to being guilt free…lol we shot over 3000 images at her wedding, I now have them edited down to about 1300 or so, and her final cut will be around 800… so yeah, it takes a little time to get things done around here :)

Love you guys….. Jen



I missed the “bling” on Talesha’s ring finger’s nail at the wedding, did not notice it until I started editing… how did I miss it?!?!?!?!?!? Cool huh?



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