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from jennifer… Christmas 2008. yeah I know, I’m LATE !!! January 8, 2009

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So what if I am just now getting around to blogging about Christmas…. it’s my blog…lol get over it :)

1st of all I hope you all had a super duper merry christmas, I know we did :) Blade is officially the most spoiled little boy in the universe! Well anyhoo… here are the pics… enjoy… Jen


yep… his shirt says “my mommy rides” and below that there is a HARLEY… yep… I’m a harley momma :) well not really… I just happen to own a harley, I think to be considered a “harley momma” you need to dress the part… Could you see me in a bikini top and black leather chaps… I just wear my blue jeans and sneakers when I ride… pretty dull huh??? lol

dec2Blades cousin Kylar… I told him to jump on the bed (shame on me)- so he was super excited :)

dec3Blades cousin Kaylin… this girl is like the energizer bunny… she keeps going, and going, and going…love you !

dec4Blades cousin Kalista. We gave both the girls a digital camera for christmas and they loved them !
Especially Kalista… I don’t think it left her neck ALL DAY… love you too !


jan1Blade is another one that keeps a camera in his hands… He has a few different play cameras and 1 real one…
the one in this pic was mine when I was a little girl… cool huh?


Blades Aunt Stacey bought him these drums for Christmas… we get a show at least 5 times a day. Between the drums, the harmonica we gave him, and the real guitar his Aunt Talesha gave him there is no doubt that he is going to become a platinum ROCK STAR someday :)


jan3This is Blades other cousin… Izzy :) Cute huh?


jan5Even Aunt Whitney loves her niece Izzy :)


3 Responses to “from jennifer… Christmas 2008. yeah I know, I’m LATE !!!”

  1. momma dt Says:

    too, too, too, cute. loved the px.
    thanks again, harley driving mom. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

  2. Rachel Says:

    They look Great! I swear that Izzy is so adorable. She must get her looks from her mommy!!! =) I know I can’t brag. Thanks for the pics Jen.

  3. That’s an absolutely adorable dog!!!


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