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wow… beautiful annie…. more soon :-) November 25, 2008

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FOR: Anton and Jennifer November 24, 2008

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Just a little something for ya :) Anton – I am so sorry about earlier:)  You remind me so much of smoeone else that I apparently thought your were someone else…lol  anyhoo :)  I hope you enjoy this one !



LOOK at the first flag :)   These would be PERFECT “save the date” cards :)


Engagement Session: Jennifer + Anton :) Palafox Pier Pensacola Florida

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so… Jen was googling the other day for a wedding photographer in Pensacola and stumbled upon us :) WOOHOO !!!!!! Anyhoo… we scheduled an engagement session and wow… take a look at them !! HOT HOT HOT and SMOKIN HOT !!!


Jennifer knows how to work the camera :) Isn’t she absolutely amazingly beautiful :!:!:!:!:!:jen1



Do you see that laugh – the one on the right?!?!?!? That is what they do just about everytime they snuggle into each others arms… Anton is mad about Jennifer – it is so easy to tell !!!!!




YEP… there are those smiles again :)


We have been waiting for a couple to do this with… and BAM – perfecto :) How cute are they?!?!?!?!?!?


OF COURSE I LOVE THIS ONE !!!!! I love it EVERY time we do it !


OK… Jens favorite of the day –

I would get a HUGE HUGE HUGE canvas print of this one and it would be right above my sofa !!!!!






These two are so CUTE :) They met at Pensacola Christian 4 years ago and the rest is … well you know… ancient history ;-) Anton proposed to Jennifer at the Palafox Pier a couple of weeks ago. These 2 are full of good stories… here goes one…. Anton was actually LOST in downtown Pensacola some time ago and stumbled across the Palafox Pier…lol He took Jennifer there to show her and PROPOSED :) Now it can’t get much better than that ! Love you guys…. Jen + Tom

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Boudoir: HOT HOT HOT… meredith “getting sexy” November 21, 2008

LOVE these sessions… they are so much fun… and my clients are so gorgeous :) Meredith is no exception ! These are a special gift to her hubby for their 1 year anniversary. We still have a few months to go until the big day so if anyone knows hubby… MUMS the word :) Don’t spoil it ! Instead of telling hubby, just call Meredith and tell her how HOT she looks ! WOWZERS !


I have a list of things to do before the boudoir sessions… and I always suggest that my clients bring music… when I emailed Meredith to tell her about the music she emailed back and said she had that covered… she was already listening to her “getting sexy” music… it is SO NICE to know that I am not the only one that has a “getting sexy” playlist :) Meredith… I wish I were there to see your hubby the day he gets these smokin hot images… well… er… since it will be your anniversary night…uuhh… that might not be such a good idea…lol

PLEASE keep in touch ….. Tell your sister she needs to take a vacation here so I can do a session with her too ! Love ya girl… Jen

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Protected: Boudoir session – password is FUN (all uppercase)

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family: navarre beach florida – kerry and co. :-) November 19, 2008

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all i can say is WOW – what a good lookin group of folks :)


I am back and forth with this one… i love it, i’m not sure, i like it, then I love it again ! I like the light shining on them – but then again I am not sure… Final word – after all this talking about it i am so sure that i now LOVE IT !!!!! …lol


Yeah… that is mom and dad – I get this funny feeling that they are like this all the time…lolker1





kerry + john, heather + john, and melissa + shane... I had a great time hanging with you guys. 

Jen -

OOPS... I forgot to give your password Image gallery passwrod will be Kerry's last name - all lower case :)


family: 1st family portrait :) Navarre Beach Florida November 18, 2008

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I had the HONOR to photograph Stasi, Woody, and Gabe’s 1st family portrait :) How cool is that ! I was so so so honored !

LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS ONE :) again… shows how small we really are in this big huge world !


how sweet…


Love these next 2… Woddy has a Harley back home… so they rented a Harley Cruiser while in town. Woody said he rented it for Stasi to get a chance to “fall in love” with it…lol Since he is buying one when he retires !!! I don’t think you’ll have to worry Woody… you def. have a Harley Momma on your hands :)sta2

This one would be GIGANTIC – on a CANVAS – right above my couch !!!!!!!!!




You guys are the best :) and GABE is a DOLL ;- ) Although I don’t think Stasi contributed to the gene pool at all… lol He looks JUST LIKE his dad :)

You image gallery password: your last name – all lower case

love you guys… GIve Gabe a big hug from me…….Jen