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Family – Perdido Key Florida… Staci, Michael, Brittani, Bailey, & Ringo ;-) October 30, 2008

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WOW… I have known Staci FOREVER… and EVER ;-) I met her when she was still in High School… she was so sweet back then… boy how things have changed…lol just kidding !!!

This is Brittani – the REAL BOSS of the family :) and of course Ringo

LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS ONE !!!! Since Staci and Michael are still kinda sorta newledyweds (2 years) I of course had to get a ring shot :)


Michael and Bailey – Bailey is SO COOL ! She hunts with Michael – I am so not a hunter so I hope I dont make a complete fool of myself while I explain – Michael brought along some decoy ducks for Bailey to retrieve – the water was SO COLD – but she loved it :) She is a super sweetheart and very obedient – she waits for Michaels approval before even budging for her prize :) I love this shot of them together – I think it might be my fave from the day !


Staci and I reconnected at a recent wedding I was shooting… Funny who (and what) you see at weddings…lol So, now that we have reconnected let’s not disconnect again ! Give Brattani a big hug from me :) Enjoy… Jen

PS: gallery password hint: name of the highschool staci and michael graduated from – 8 letters, all lowercase


Wedding – Pensacola Beach – Melissa & Brian ;-) October 28, 2008

You guys may remember Melissa and Brian’s “I Love You” session (If you don’t SHAME on YOU ! but you can click here to see it again…lol) Well… guess what!?!?!?!?!? They are MARRIED :) They had the most intimate ceremony out on Pensacola Beach. It was beautiful and classy just like Melissa!

Well… on to the pictures –

CLICK HERE to see their entire blog post

These 2 are made for eath other – take a look for yourself ! Tom and I had fun – luv you guys, KEEP IN TOUCH !!!!! Jen+tom

The image gallery password hint is: what color is Brian’s parents van? all lower case


If you have been keeping up with my wedding blog posts – I have been sharing my life (well just the dorky parts) with everyone – I get to know my brides so well and they really don’t know me at all – so here is Dorky fact #3 – I listen to music for inspiration while editing images ! I emailed my playlist to my mom the other day – and she called me – with the music blarring in the background – she said she did not know how I could get any work at all done – all she could seem to do was get up and dance :) Now, noone ever said that I sat still while I worked :) anyways… you guys enjoy my playlist – it reflects alot of my personality – I LOVE music – it is really inspirational for me :) There is a little bit of everything on there (note: they are having tech difficulties – but most of the songs are working right now) CLICK HERE to hear it (Push the play button in the middle when you get there)

NEXT UP: My little guy….

He is not looking too happy because MOMMY IS MAD that he got into the SUNSCREEN !!!!!!!

He LOVES Oswald on Nick Jr… so you can always catch him happy – quiet – and sitting down when it is on :) A great opportunity for NON HYPER pics…lol

PS… feel free to leave a comment – I LOVE COMMENTS :)

Jen –


Smile :) It’s Tuesday !!! October 21, 2008

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A freind of mine (Beth) sent this to me today …. She thought I would appreciate being in the right place at the right time !  And YES – I do ! Pictures like these don’t happen all the time – but when they do you just want to SMILE ;-) We stay so focused looking the lens so you sometimes dont see EVERYTHING that is going on until you get home and edit – which is what makes my job awesome :) Wish I could take credit for this “bird smile” but I cant… and actually cannot find who deserves the credit … Maybe they will run across this blog and let me know who they are… ooh well… onto the smiling and inspiration … Bird Smile

Have a good week everyone :)  Jen


“I Love You” session – Downtown Pensacola – Annie and Aaron :) October 17, 2008

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These two just make me want to SMILE :)

Isn’t Annie just gorgeous? Her skirt and blouse are SO PRETTY !!!!! These two are the best… super cute and fun couple !  They are so like me – changng outfits in the backseat of the car… I do it too… ALL THE TIME :)

Aaron is a big photography nerd like me… so he had a ton of ideas (which makes my job SUPER EASY). They scoped out downtown Pensacola a few weeks back (they are from Mary Ester) and came up with this super cool location for their “I love you” session…  They also brought along their little feathery baby… you will meet him in a bit :)  Doesn’t Aaron look SUPER HOT in this pic?  WOW :-)

I love my ring shots :)

My FAVE from the day :)

Told you I would show ya their beautiful feathered baby :)  Cute huh?

There I go with those rings shots again :)

These 2 are so in tune with eath other… I will be shooting their wedding in a couple of weeks – Can’t wait!  I love my brides (and bride-to-be’s) !!!

I LOVE this one !   This is REALLY how these 2 are with each other… pure and simple LOVE !!

Another favorite!  Annie and Aaron had one request – SUNSET pics :)  Well I think this pic definately shows a gorgeous Pensacola Sunset :)

Aaron caught this shot :)  We had his sunglasses sitting on the cage across from us while we were working on the sunset picture – when he went to pick up his glasses he saw it – and I am GLAD he did !  Great eye Aaron !  I think I found another assistant…lol

You guys are the best ! I cannot wait to meet your families in a couple of weeks !  All my blog readers should stay tuned,  Annie has a super exciting wedding planned, she is going to mesh many traditions together all in ONE NIGHT…. should be fun and interesting ;-)

Your gallery passord is Annie’s last name (all lowercase)

On another note… When I sit down to edit my sessions  my sons picture always seems to be either at the beginning or the end of my memory card… I am always grabbing my camera to get a snap or two of him. I have been so busy lately that his pictures are REALLY being neglected :) I do take them quite often, but always put them on the backburner for editing and posting! SO… since I am already blogging I am sure my family (and friends) would love to see new pics of him too… so here is the pic that was on Annie and Aaron’s memory card – here he is … Blade :) I am not sure what he is doing, It looks like he was eating cheetos… lol !!!

And one last thing – Remember back on Kim and Tom’s weddng post I said I was going to start giving everyone some dorky tidbits about me?  I know SO MUCH about all my brides… and they really don’t know much about me. My first dorky piece of Jen was that I edit all my images in my PJ’s. So for all of you that call and I tell you that I am editing images… guess what?  I am in my PJ’s ! I don’t care what time of day it is – if I am editing I am COMFY :)

SO… here is the next one

Jen’s Dorky fact #2: I LOVE COFFEE :) Any kind of coffee… but it has to have way too much flavored creamer and way too much sugar :)0 I put so much junk in my coffee it is embarassing to even do it in public:)  I feel like someone might ask me “Would you like some coffee to go with that coffee and creamer?”…lol  My favorite creamer….. anything with CHOCOLATE in it :)

Love you all… Jen


Seniors – Escambia High School – “Go Gators” ;-) October 15, 2008

Ellie’s mom contacted me a few weeks ago to have her daughter Ellie’s senior portraits done… Ellie is such a sweetheart… pretty, smart (college / premed next year), and super fun :) She has so many passions (she reminds me a little of myself) : cameras… Mustangs….umbrellas(lol)….. swings…..The Escambia High School Band….. guitars…. barefeet….bracelets… and most importantly : HER MOM :) Ellie and her mom are so close, like girlfriends :)

OOH Yeah… forgot to mention … EHS Percussion ROCKS ;-)

Anyhoo… on to the pics :)

Guess what… I think I like the “misplaced” flower Ellie… what do you think?…lol

These pics so remind me of how fun Ellie is :) Too Cute !!!!

Love this one – Kinda FuNKy :-0

You just knew I would go to the SSSS…. “Super Secret Senior Spot” MaRGaRitaViLle :) One of my alltime favorite spots to shoot !!!!!

Back to the text messages… you all know how I am about them…lol

Right Pic: My favorite from the day :) How adorable is Ellie?????

Love these too… check out her license plate :) Jen is a wiz at PHOTO MANIPULATION :) …lol

Miss Ellie – I had a blast :) Be sure to keep in touch and let me know how much fun college pans out to be :) AND… Happy Belated Birthday – the big EIGHTEEN !!! Wish I could go back to 18 once again… I am way past that now. I have been 29 for about 5 years or so now:) so 29 is still young… right? According to your mom when you get to 30 (or 40…lol) you stop and count backwards… so what am I about 25 now? That is better than the way I was doing it !!! Jen


Treasure Island Fl wedding…. Kim and Tom (and Nick) October 13, 2008

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Kim and Tom are the best. I consider myself friends with ALL my Brides… how could you not. You are sharing one of the most special days with them and their family. I am thrilled when I get a new Bride because I also acquire a new friend ! I have been calling Kim and Tom’s wedding my “VIP Wedding” because of how well Kim and I hit it off… She has been a good myspace buddy of mine for quite some time, and a loyal blog reader. Anyhoo… Kim and Tom have a wonderful story – and they have waited so long for this day … I am so happy for them and their new family ! The wedding was beautiful , Kim was gorgeous, and Tom was gleaming from ear to ear EVERY time I looked at him ! I wish you guys the best in the future… and I know we will keep in touch :)

Click here to see their entire Blog post

Image gallery password clue: What is the name of the 1st hotel that the reception was scheduled for (that is until they messed up the reservation…lol) it is 6 letters long, all lower case, and starts with a “b”



VIP Beach Wedding St Petersburg/Treasure Island Fl. Kim and Tom ;-)

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Today’s the day…..

That I…..

Will Blog…..

Kim and Tom’s VIP wedding:-0

Stay tuned ……

More to come……