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Family: Perdido Key Florida… The Brattons ;-) July 29, 2008

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Vacation time for The Brattons… The Brattons were visiting Perdido Key Florida and wanted to get some beach family portraits made…. Again, picture perfect weather :) This is the sweetest family… with the most gorgeous children ! I have NEVER seen a family with so many pairs of BLUE EYES :) I hope you guys had a wonderful vacation. I had a great time hanging with the boys and that lil cutie pie :) Enjoy…. Jen

This one is one of my favorites…. Now you see where those kids get their good looks… ;-)

This next portrait is my absolute favorite from the day – this little girl just steals the show… and I love how dad’s legs are in the background – never too far away :)


Destin Florida – Family Beach Portraits ;-) July 28, 2008

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I LOVE it when the gulf is having a good day :) Look at that water – Can you believe how pretty it is?  And to think we were worried that it was goig to RAIN…lol  Sara and her beautiful family are here visiting for a beach vacation in Destin Florida… their first night in was terrible – storms, storms, and more storms… but don’t worry – that is typical weather here on the gulf coast :)  Enjoy your stay…Jen

I LOVE little boys and their dumptrucks – how cute is this… funny how happy they are with just one little truck :)

Don’t you just love how he is peeking over dad….  Pretty cute huh?

The progression of a tickle…  LOVE IT !!

Told you the water was GREEN…  Perfect weather, not too hot, breezy, just right ;-)

THis little guy LOVES hanging with dad…  In the first pic he was trying to get me to catch his face while dad spins him… GOTCHA :)  and of course he won when dad said “Let’s race” ;-)

One of my faves from the day… Total little stud :)

These 2 are another favorite from the day… I love the color process results :)  Kinda funky and vintage !

And who can resist mommy’s little guy …..  Thanks for a good time you guys, hope to see you again :)


Children’s Portraits: Miss Kayleigh ;-) July 27, 2008

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I know , I know, she is the most beautiful little girl you have EVER laid eyes on :) – Of course I agree… she is my niece :)  Just snapped a few pics of her playing in the yard today – hence all the sweat in her hair – IT WAS HOT …lol  Love you Kayleigh… Aunt Jen


Some time with my baby:) and a special offer for you ;-) July 24, 2008

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WHEW . All of my beautiful brides, handsome grooms, and gorgeous families sure have kept me busy for the past 3 months… So, I decided to spend the morning with my baby, who has been patiently waiting everyday …lol Finally – we are a little over 2 years old and ALL BOY :) I love photographs of ordinary moments… When clients call to schedule an infant or toddler session they are curious where the session will take place… My preference is where they are comfortable – their home :) The pics turn out so natural :)

I love my bridal and family shoots… but I am missing my toddlers and babies lately :) Let’s entice mom and dad that it is time for a photo session with Jen :) For the rest of July and all of August I am offering baby/toddler photography sessions for $100 (plus travel fee). WOOHOO :) Can’t wait to meet you guys !

Now for my lil guy from this morning :) Enjoy… Jen


Family: The Clarke’s – Beach Portraits in Perdido Key Florida

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I met up with a super cute family vacationing here on Perdido Key – They said this was their 2nd vacation here this year . I don’t even remember what a vacation is anymore, and they are on their second…lol  The weather was TERRIBLE on our selected appointemnt day so we waited a day to try again- and I am glad we did ! The BEAUTIFUL WEATHER was perfect for our session! SO… here is the Clarke family – 3 handsome guys, and one super sexy lady :)

OOH yeah – I forgot to mention – The Clarke’s had a very special visitor for the summer – This is Sasha’s best friend’s son – WHAT A HUNK huh? He is visiting here from Russia for the summer – Lucky Him :)

With a little help from mom and dad – the boys found these perfect size shells out on the beach – They made some super cute seashell sunglasses :)

Sasha – It was wonderful hanging out with you and your beautiful family – I hope to see you guys next year :)

Enjoy… Jen


Pensacola beach Wedding: Brittany and Dennis July 23, 2008

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OOOHHH   How I Love Beach Weddings:)  They are so pure and innocent and BEAUTIFUL! Brittany’s wedding day was no exception!  She was the prettiest Bride… well take a look and see for yourself :)

OK… let’s back up to dad walking her down the aisle… how nice is that ?  Mom and Dad scoped out Pensacola Beach all afternoon and decided on this boardwalk for the isle – I could not have picked a better place myself :)

Don’t you just love them in black and white – these pics just POP don’t they?

What good is a wedding without a little fun…lol  I love  easy going – fun loving couples…lol 

And now for a little more fun …. I love getting the best man to sneak a kiss on the bride’s cheek… and oops looks like the bride caught her sister – the maid of honor – kissing her new hubby :)

I LOVE it when there is a super sweet story behind wedding rings… Brittany got so excited when she was telling me hers… She said that her wedding ring was once her mother-in-laws… who very sadly is not with Dennis anymore… GOOSEBUMPS … I felt them coming on  immediately – Girl… you are one lucky gal to have that ring :) Cherish it and her memory every day  !

OK… Now we’re off to the reception at the Cabana Club on Pensacola Beach Florida !

Another of my faves”)  Look at the candle – now look behind it – cool huh?

Can’t forget some details of the reception – As I already mentioned it was at the Cabana Club – perfect romantic spot ! The food was EXCELLENT – Brittany’s dad INSISTED (as well as the rest of the family) that I join them for dinner… and since I don’t take pictures of Brides shoving their faces, I happily accepted :) It was DELICIOUS – did I already say that… Here is a pic of the salad – sorry, I was too busy socializing to capture the main entree… filet mignon wrapped in bacon with HUGE juisy spicy shrimp on top :)  YUMMY !!

Brittany’s dad, Dennis’s grandfather, and the best man said some beautiful things in their toast to the newlyweds, I love listening to everyone’s special stories and memories ! That is always the best part of the evening :)

This saying is painted on the wall at the Cabana Club… they took the words right out of my mouth… Congrats you guys – I wish you many many many many many years of happiness :)  Keep in touch !  Jen


Weddings: Rhonda & Joe… Pensacola Naval Air Station July 22, 2008

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Beautiful… Simple… Elegant… Love – Those words come to mind when I think about Rhonda and Joe’s beautiful wedding. They came all the way down to Pensacola just to get married at the beautiful Pensacola Naval Air Station Memorial Chapel. AND BOY WAS IT WORTH IT !!!!! Joe is a pilot and was trained here, so NAS holds a special place in his heart. The ceremony was very intimate – it was shared with those that are very near and dear to Joe and Rhonda… making it extra special :) oohhh, enough of my rambling… let’s meet the happy newlyweds :)

Something about the OLD feeling to this picture – Don’t know what it is but it ROCKS !!!

The flowers were STUNNING ! Perfect for a summer wedding… The colors went together very nicely !

Another one of my favorites…. isn’t Rhonda just beautiful … wind in her hair, perfect summer wedding dress, handomse groom, gorgeous Pensacola Beach.

Alex… she is “The Daughter” lol I asked her to write a text for her mom and Joe… she thought this was a totally cool idea since she has been bugging Joe to get the both of them a cell phone…lol Maybe this will entice him to go for it – since it can be used for SO MUCH MORE than talking all night with your friends :) Good Luck Alex, but I don’t think you will need any luck after he sees this picture :)

SO… you are wondering why the best man is holding a bag of cracker jacks… you would not even begin to believe me if I told you…lol SO, we are in the middle of a beautiful wedding and it is time for the groom to get the rings from his best man… I am in the back of the church when I hear this awfully loud crinkling sound… and the groomsmen seem to be struggling to get a bag open, well after a bit of a LOUD delay they emerge with the wedding rings – from the cracker jack bag…lol Great job guys :) Well anyways, here is the “master planner” and his bag of cracker jacks… He must have bought these cracker jacks somewhere other than Pensacola, becuase my cracker jacks always have CHEAP TOYS in them :)

Well – the nicest surprise of the day was for Rhonda, her daughter, and her mom :) Joe gave each of them “wings” welcoming them into his family… My eyes were so full of tears I could barely see :)

I wish the three of you the VERY BEST in the years to come :) Rhonda, you are a very lucky gal… Beautiful and sweet daughter, handome and thoughful husband, loving and caring mother… what more could a gal want :) … Jen