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Engagement: I have one more for Kris and Meggan :) April 28, 2008

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So… As you can tell these guys are going to the Grand Cayman for their wedding – how romantic :) I hope you guys have a blast! I’m so disappointed that I won’t be there to see how beautiful Meggan is going to be ! Send me some pictures !!!!!!!


In Love: Kris and Meggan :) April 27, 2008

I had a blast yesterday with Kris and Meggan at the BEACH for their engagement shoot :) Meggan is super sweet and always wears a smile… maybe it is because she is so crazy for Kris ! These 2 make a wonderful pair, and they were totally made for each other ! Kris is so charming… in his own special way :)

I wish you both the best of luck in your life together, but I am sure you won’t need LUCK to guide you ! Have fun on your “exotic” wedding ! Just because you are moving away from Pensacola does not mean you can’t Keep In Touch !!!!! Talk to you soon !!! Enjoy ;) Jen

My favorites from the day….. I just love Meggan against the red !


Family: Can’t decide which I like better :) SO… April 24, 2008

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I just picked them ALL as my favorites… I get to do that since I am the photographer :)

So, here are the family portraIts I promised…….. Enjoy ;) Jen


Weddings: Been working on a cute goody for Amanda and Preston:)

Here you go… you guys are so CUTE !!!

Enjoy ;) Jen

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Kids… Sassy Amber :) April 20, 2008

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I met my friend Amber at Perdido Kids Park this afternoon for some playground fun:) This lil girl KNOWS what a camera is, and knows how to smile ;) She is super sweet and totally SASSY !! I had a blast hanging out with you, and your mom and dad Amber, can’t wait to see you again ;0 Enjoy… Jen

AND NOW… my FAVORITE of the day :)

I have a series of family shots I will try to get up within the next couple of days… It’s late (11:30) and I am SLEEPY:) Jen


Weddings… Another teaser for you Amanda:) April 10, 2008

Was editing your images and I know you are super excited to see MORE… so here is one more :)

Enjoy… Jen



Teenagers :) so happy.. so giddy… good times :) April 3, 2008

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I wish I was still a teenager… with the open world before me… no worries, no cares, boyfriends, talking on the phone late at night…  ooh well, I can still dream and live in her shadow for a day:)  Here is Cassie, a fresh new teenager ready to conquer the world.  At our photo session she told me she wanted to be a photographer when she grew up… now that gives me something to smile about:)0 Maybe you guys will see her “assisting” me at a shoot !  Enjoy… Jen